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The Basics

How does MelpApp work?

MelpApp works by compiling everything you need to communicate within your business inside of one user-friendly application.

Have a different comment, question�" or concern?

We’re here to help! Email team@melpapp.com and someone from our support staff will contact you within 24 hours.

What happens after I sign up�s and invite my team?

MelpApp will automatically sort all of your team members into easily �m navigable categories according to their job title, office location, and� department. From there, you’re free to conference, chat, email, share files, form specialized groups and more!.

How much does MelpApp cost?

Right now we’re giving away MelpApp (for teams up to 50 users) on a free-trial basis so that we can generate as much user feedback as possible before we launch a subscription-based enterprise suite later this year.

Is my personal phone number private�t while using MelpApp?

Yes! More and more organizations are adopting BYOD policies every day. So, to keep your personal information safe, MelpApp consolidates all communications through a user’s shared company email domain.�} In fact, we only ask for one Administrator’s phone number to be on record solely for billing and support issues.