MelpApp 101: The Contacts Page, Collaborating with your Team

As our developers put the final touches on MelpApp’s beta, we’re going to start releasing a short series of blogs to help you get up and running with our most valuable features.

While we pride ourselves on the simplicity and intuitiveness of our app, a little guidance never hurt anyone. So here we go! If you have any questions or want to sign up for MelpApp’s exclusive beta, email for more info!

The Contacts Page

Contacts MelpApp 101
Automatically Integrated Contacts

Once you and your team signup and register, all your colleagues will automatically appear in the Contacts section of MelpApp.  As you can see from the picture, any registered user within your company will also be conveniently sorted based on their location, department and job title for easy navigation.

Selecting a team member will also bring up a sub navigation menu with options to call, message, email or view a colleague’s profile. We’ve found this feature especially useful for larger companies with multiple office locations around the globe.

Smart Presence Indicator

You’ll also notice a little dot next to everyone’s profile picture. That’s our online presence indicator.

Green means online and available. Red means the user is online but on a call. Grey means offline (but they can still receive push notifications from calls or messages).

Presence is particularly useful to remote teams with employees that need to check-in to some third party software to let their employers know when they’ve started work. And what easier way to start than opening an app on your phone?

The Lightning Icon

That lightning icon hovering in the lower-right corner will appear on most pages within MelpApp. Once selected, the action screen will appear with options for a user to either call, message, email, create a group or find a user. Just a quick shortcut if you don’t want to locate a specific colleague or group first.

And that’s it for this class! Now your entire team can be connected and easily accessible no matter what city, state or country they’re in.

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