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All From Your Mobile Device

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Save Time

Raise Productivity

Collaborate Effectively

Create specialized groups to drive team-focused communications.

Communicate more efficiently using one unified application.

Quickly execute impromptu conference calls without entering any pins or dial-in codes.

Easily find your colleagues by selecting them from our automatically populated and sorted database.

Connect your offices, field teams, and remote workers through instant one on one or group calls without any pins, dial-ins or phone numbers.

Drive focused conversations by organizing your specialized teams into groups for more efficient project management.

Message Your Colleagues in Real Time

Exchange information quicker with push notifications and read receipts that ensure your message is being seen.

Conduct quick calls and conferences without any scheduling or dialing.

Never Look Up Contact Information Again.

Simplified and User-Friendly Group Collaboration.

Looking for more?

MelpApp is specifically engineered to give you all the tools necessary to communicate within your business without having to share any device IDs or phone numbers!

Join back into any active conference call instantly

Personalize your profile to stand out

Integrate your email within seconds

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