Group Calls, Chat, Email and More

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Conduct quick secure calls without any scheduling or dialing

Connect your offices, field teams, and remote workers through instant one on one call.
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Send encrypted messages to your colleagues

Exchange information quicker with push notifications and read receipts that ensure your message is being seen.

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Join back into any active conference call instantly

Make dialing and sharing phone numbers a thing of the past. Just one tap and you’re in.

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Share your files without switching between applications

Quickly save and send files from Google Drive, iCloud, DropBox and more.

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Simplified and user-friendly group collaboration

Drive focused conversations by organizing your specialized teams into groups for more efficient task management.

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Group Calls

Helps in business situations where decisions must be made and the necessary people are not all in one place due to either geographical dispersion or flexible work hours.

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Invite or Add your team members

Tap the "Invite" button. Don't put it on sideline.You can ask your contacts to join MelpApp by sending invites to individuals or group of people by entering their business/work email to grow your network, understand the industry and challenges faced by your contacts.

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My Network, individuals or group of people from other entities

Individuals or group of people from other entities accepting your invitation will be in your "My Network" contacts. Your network is valuable professional asset. People you can turn to for guidance, advice or assistance.

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Looking for more?

MelpApp is specifically engineered to give you all the tools necessary to communicate within your business without having to share any device IDs or phone numbers!

  • Personalize your profile to stand out

  • Integrate your email within seconds

MelpApp supports just about any industry with a need from team communication.

MelpApp gives you the flexibility to connect with your teams however you want–all without hanging up the phone.
  • Global Enterprise
    Share ideas, files and presentations with colleagues across the globe with MelpApp’s group collaboration for more efficient sales and product pitches.
  • Retail
    Trade shifts and message team members with ease using MelpApp’s optimized contact directory.
  • Real Estate
    Accessibility is imperative for agents who work in and out of a traditional office. That’s why MelpApp is designed to be dependable both on Wi-Fi and cellular data.
  • Hospitality
    Reduce spend on communication by allowing back of the house and roaming employees to use their own mobile devices.
  • Construction
    Make walkie-talkies a thing of the past. Connect your head architect, foreman, and other workers through crystal-clear 1:1 and group calls.